Booking Terms & Conditions


When your booking is agreed, (written confirmation may be required); a valid credit/debit card is required to secure the reservation and in certain instances a non-refundable deposit. A letter of authority in writing in lieu of a credit/debit card from an authorized person for a company booking may be acceptable as long as it is agreed that any charge levied, including cancellation, and for whatever reason will be paid. A cheque for payment of a deposit will not be acceptable unless it is received with up to fourteen days notice and is for the full amount of the reservation. Specific terms may have been agreed which contradict these statements; however final details for some bookings may be required in advance of the date booked and it will be those agreed details which are charged to your final account, including any cancellations which took place within the chargeable period.

Cancellation Charges

To cancel a booking, which has been confirmed by you in writing or with a credit/debit card or authorized communication, we must receive a letter to this effect a minimum two days, or for weekend reservations 7days notice. A telephone call or email does not necessarily constitute notice and a cancellation charge will be made where doubt exists as to notice being given. At certain times deposits taken will not be refunded in any circumstances, this being at known exceptionally busy times or where a special offer has been made to you and accepted. Receipts will only be forwarded upon your specific request. In the case of conferences & functions a decrease in the numbers attending will result in the original number being charged for; meeting room hire is a minimum usually of 4 hours.

Agency bookings are subject to the stated period quoted at the time of booking except at weekends when a 4 day notice period is required. Guests please be aware if an Agency makes a reservation on your behalf and we are not informed of the cancellation and are unable to re-let, a charge will be made to you and/or the Agent.

For larger reservations the scale below will apply:

Notice given:
6 months notice 30% of expected account
2 – 4 months notice 60% of expected account
2 – 1 months notice 100% of expected account
1 month or less 100% of expected account


Regret no pets.

There are no house pets at the hotel.

Damage Charges

In the event of damage being incurred to our property, or where a guest allows another guest to damage or incur us in costs not normally expected at our property we reserve the right to charge for the damage or costs incurred, for example smoking in our no smoking rooms or anything which may constitute damage.

Additional Information

Please do not hesitate to ask if the above booking terms are not clear to you.

Any problems or queries however must be given in writing with suitable notice so if we do not hear from you, it will be taken that these terms are acceptable. A written copy of these terms may be requested or is available from our web site at the address given below. Our current terms are those which will apply.

Any prices quoted are inclusive of VAT at the current rate and are in GBP; it is recommended that you insure against unforeseen circumstances; non payment will result in action being taken to recover the loss or debt owed; Parklands Hotel reserves the right to cancel any booking without liability on its part, in the event of any major damage to or destruction of the premises, by fire or any other cause – anything which will prevent us from performing our obligations to you and any bookings made; we may find it necessary to make a charge for any damage to Parklands Hotel property and/or premises.